Auto Repair Services

The lab offers auto repair services and various solutions in the field of automotive diagnostics. Our main specialty is advanced diagnostics of automotive electronic systems. We are considered experts in this field due to our vast knowledge and experience in the auto electronics field.

Apart from providing auto repair services, the lab is also a leader in control unit restoration. We rebuild and restore electronic units such as ECU, ABS module, and TCU. Other services that we provide are airbag system installation and deactivation, immobilizer reset and more.

Lab's Auto repair services include auto diagnostics and repair of ABS, Airbags, ECU, TCU, Sensors and Immobilizer.

Vehicle Control Unit

Modern vehicles rely more and more on advanced technology and computers (ECU). There is a computer for almost every one of the systems in the modern car.

The vehicle computer is commonly referred to as a control unit. Its operation is based on data which it receives from the system's components (sensors) and after analysis of the data controls the systems' operation.

Automotive Electronic Systems

One of the main reasons the automotive industry started embedding computers in cars came as a result of environmental issues. In the 1970's the EPA (Environment Protection Agency) started demanding car manufacturers to decrease the amounts of toxic gases and fuel consumption. As a result, the catalytic converter was developed to transform toxic gases to non-toxic ones. Control Units in Modern Vehicle
Electronic control units

Regulations only get harsher with time and traditional systems cannot reach the demands. Thus, more advanced systems were developed to control the mixture more accurately. Today, manufacturers have to cope with the Euro 5 Pollutant Emissions regulation and can achieve this only with integration of advanced control computers.

Although cars are required to be more “environmental friendly”, the demand for better performance, safety and comfort keeps increasing. With computers usage, manufacturers have the capability to accurately control systems and accordingly optimize operation.

The vehicle lab serves as an information center to several insurance company in the areas of car safety and airbag systems.

Car Computers

However, more electronic systems and computerized components in cars mean that automotive systems have become much more complicated to develop, maintain and repair as well. As a result, there is an essential significance to technical knowledge and capabilities in order to provide solutions for this technology.

electronic systems
Car systems

In today’s vehicles, computers control not only the engine, but also the automatic transmission, the steering wheel, the safety systems, the entertainment systems, and so on.

Safety systems, for example, use computers and sensors that monitor and process data in order to operate the systems properly.

Constant communication is essential between the components of all electronic systems at all times. Thus, having so many computers makes things more complicated, and sometimes even sensitive, which can make those systems prone to problems and also complicate to perform diagnstic in some cases.

The lab offers a variety auto diagnostics and auto repair services that aspire to provide immediate but professional solutions.

Professional Diagnostics Services

Diagnostics is a crucial step in auto repair. The accuracy of diagnostic has a huge importance when facing a problem. A correct diagnostic scan leads not only to the ultimate goal - malfunction repair. But, it also can save the owner a lot of inconveniences.

System Failure Repair
Repairing Land Cruiser system failure

Therefore, correct problem diagnostics, in most cases, is a challenge and necessary for a successful auto repair . Only by recognizing and isolating the root of the problem, the problem is not likely to reappear in the future.

Many of the cases we encounter had been unsuccessfully diagnosed before brought to us.

With our knowledge, experience and equipment, we are able to successfully diagnose those cars. Once we know the source of the problem, it can be repaired fairly quick.

N. Eyal & Co. vehicle lab specializes in automotive electronic systems diagnostics and auto repair services.

The lab repairs all car computers including: Engine Control Units (ECU), Transmission Control Units (TCU), immobilizer, climate control, speedometers and instrument panels. As well as sensor replacement and immobilizer computer reset.

In addition, we repair ABS controllers and stability control units and install airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners.

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