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N. Eyal originally started as a diagnostic lab and therefore, diagnostics is one of our expertise. Throughout the years, we have acquired great reputation in the auto diagnostics field, even among other professionals from this area.

Vehicles become more complicated as technology advances. The abundance of electronic systems in car (ECU, ABS, Airbags etc.) raised the importance of car diagnostics to better understanding faults and problems.

We have acquired great reputation for providing expert
diagnostics services for most vehicles.

Car Diagnostics

We own professional diagnostic scanning equipment which provides solutions for most of the vehicles on the road.

Diagnostics a Problem in Range Rover When we approach a vehicle, we first scan for any trouble codes that the systems may have.

We analyze the information that the scanners output which brings us to indicating the fault system and then diagnosing the exact malfunction in that system.

In some cases, the way to correct and accurate problem diagnostic can encounter some difficulties. Complications to locate the source of the problem in the system are the main cause for increase in repair time.

We provide our private and business customers with a professional and thorough diagnostics services.

Auto Diagnostics Services

Our professional auto diagnostics services provide solutions to these exact cases and aspire to solve the problem in a short period of time. As part of our ncompromised service quality, we believe that the customer doesn't have to be charged for work that went into difficulties in diagnostic.

Diagnostic Scanning Equipment
some of the scanners we use
We feel that we are skilled enough to diagnose most problems in a reasonable period of time and we are willing to take that risk of complications on our own expense.

Thus, charges are not done by the hour but directly related to the actual work and cost of parts used.

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If you have encountered a doagnostic problem, contact us for help.

N. Eyal & Co. vehicle lab specializes in electronic systems diagnostics and repairs.

The lab diagnoses and repairs all car computers including: Engine Control Units (ECU), Transmission Control Units (TCU), immobilizer, climate control, speedometers and instrument panels. As well as sensor replacement and immobilizer computer reset.

In addition, we repair ABS controllers and stability control units and install airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners.

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