Goals and Objectives:

  • To create a substantial customer base consisting of private and professional clients both in the domestic and international markets
  • To solve any problem arises in our field and provide quick solutions to all our customers
    • By achieving compatibility with as many manufacturers and models as possible
    • Keeping our knowledge base up to date
  • Maintaining the professional service and personal care we offer our customers
  • Establish our status as sector leaders by providing the highest quality of service possible
We aspire to provide solutions for any problem in any vehicle!


N. Eyal & Co. vehicle lab provides professional automotive services. The lab specializes in electronic systems diagnostics and repairs.

The lab repairs all car computers including: Engine Control Units (ECU), Transmission Control Units (TCU), immobilizer, climate control and instrument panels. As well as sensor replacement and immobilizer computer reset.

In addition, we repair ABS controllers and stability control units and install airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners.

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