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N. Eyal & Co. Computerized Vehicle Lab provides auto repair and diagnostics services. The lab specializes in diagnostics and repair of automotive electronic systems. We are experts at repairing car computers and control units such as ECU, TCU, ABS, EMS, immobilizer and airbag systems.

car diagnostics services
ABS Repair
Engine Control Unit
TCU repair
Instrument Panel
Climate Control Repair
Seat belt Pretensioners
Immobilizer repair
Oxygen Sensor
We Supply advanced Automotive Services and Solutions

The vehicle lab supplies expert auto diagnostic services, and it repair most electronic systems embedded in cars.
We repair the following control units and sensors:

Diagnostics Services Automotive Diagnostics: Auto Diagnostics using original and universal scanners.
Professional auto Diagnostics saves time and money!
ABS repair: Only vehicle lab in Israel to repair ABS, ASR, and EBD.
ABS unit rebuild is cheaper and reliable!

ABS repair

ECU repair Car Computers repair: ECU, TCU, Immobilizer and A/C unit.
Affordable alternative to the costly computer replacement!
Airbag System and Safety: Air bag and pretensioners Installation.
We are qualified to work with these systems!
Airbag Installation
Instrument Panel Oxygen Sensor and Mass Air Flow sensors: Replace Fault sensors (MAF, oxygen sensor).
Sensors function is necessary for correct vehicle operation!
Instrument Cluster and Speedometer repair: Instruments repair - keep speedometer/odometer value.
These car electronic systems are repairable in lab conditions!
Instrument Panel
Climate Control Climate Control Units: Climate Control unit repair.
Electronic and digital climate control unit repair!
We are proud to implement our knowledge and technology in order to give these professional solutions to our customers

The vehicle lab moved to its current place in Rishon after originally established in Ashdod in the beginning of 2006 and supplies automotive services and solutions for electronic systems.

Along with the vast knowledge and experience that Eyal brought with him, some scanning equipment and inventory was also acquired.

We keep purchasing and updating our equipment, inventory, and knowledge, in order to keep up with the technological changes and to broaden our model compatibility and to supply solutions to most electronic car systems.

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